Monday, February 06, 2006

Two-headed baby

This two-headed baby got me thinking. I printed out the article and gave it to my oldest class to read today. Basically, the baby was born with an extra head that could smile, suck a pacifier and blink independently of the other head. But it was taking a toll on the first baby's heart so the surgeons chopped off the 'parasite' head when the baby was around a year old, to give the original baby a better chance to live. Did they kill a second person in the process? I think they did. It had no body, but I'm pretty sure it was still a person. How sad and horrifying for the poor bodyless head.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i first came across the articles about these babies and they said that they would kill the other baby, i cried. cried for a child i didnt even know. they showed the "extra" baby sucking on the pacifier and everything. i was fascinated, she was beautiful. i feel so sorry for her.

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