Sunday, February 05, 2006

Latin moves, Hangul grooves

I've been constantly dreaming of doing salsa again ever since I picked it up briefly a year ago. I miss it SO SO SO much. Salsa is mesmerizingly beautiful, evocative, and highly addictive. So I found a cool website with animated gif's to dust off those rusty moves.

So far, I tackled:

1. Forward / backward basic

2. Sideways basic

3. Underarm turn

4. Backbreak to inside turn - I had trouble with this the first time I learned it as well as when relearning it. Basically, you do a sideways basic and then pivot two times, first, 45 degrees, and then 180 degrees, so that you are facing you are facing to the right of where you where facing when you first started.

5. Cross body lead - this is one of the easiest moves, it starts with a forward/backward basic, and then you pivot 180 degrees on your left foot to end up facing the opposite direction (trading places with your partner).

On Tues night I'm going to check out this place called Babalu's that apparently has salsa lessons. I called them on Lunar New Years and they were, of course, closed, but said lessons were on Tuesday. But on Tuesday I had to fill in an extra lesson for an absent teacher (gahh that's one thing I won't miss about Korea.. unpaid short notice overtime!) and I missed the lesson. So hopefully this week I'll be able to get to the club.

Brent, my new roommate*, is currently creating an awesome loop of music that is facilitating the salsa-relearning process. He basically took an ugly sounding tune, played it backwards so that it sounds like space-age middle eastern music, made the volume fade in and out, and layered it on top of drums. I think he's adding vocals now. Sounds really neat.

In addition to picking up salsa again, I also officially started Korean classes. On the way there, an ajoshi (older Korean man) fell on me going up the escalator, bruising my knee, but thankfully he chose my buff biceps to fall into, and we all escaped relatively unscathed. The classes are definitely worth getting up early on Saturday mornings for. The ratio is 3 teachers for 7 students! I learned a lot about numbers and we acted out buying/selling scenerios. The classes are so helpful, I'm a little disappointed I'll have to miss three weeks worth of them coming up!

Anyway, back to to check out some more moves.

*Ryan and Brent switched places so the former can live with his best friend, Richard, who has been summoned to teach at our school.


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