Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ho Ho HO

Merry Christmas!!!

Last night was the Christmas Potluck, hosted at the Smithsonian/Westward flat. It was a spectacular success, with an abundance of good food. We even managed to re-create a traditional western Christmas dinner, with chicken posing as turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, french bread, brie, curry, rice, wine, beer, soju, mandarins, chocolates (from Rob's mom in England!) and cake!

Guests included: Ryan's friend Erin and her friend David, brother Ryan, his wife Kristy; our Korean friend KG, our old Korean coworker, Jasmine, our coworker Rob and his Korean girlfriend Boo.

Brent, Ryan, Jasmine and I also did a Secret Santa gift exchange. I got Jasmine some stuff from the Face Shop (A big Korean cosmetic/soap chain that's just opened up and is doing very well in Canada) and Ryan got me some rad art supplies. Jasmine got Brent a scarf, and Brent is currently in Thailand, getting Ryan something presumably. We may leave the xmas decorations up for the rest of the year :P

Pics here.

PS. I heard from a lil birdie that mah Moolzie-poo spun an AWESOME set at the Red Room last nite, which included Portishead's Roads, mixed into something called "Alex Dolby's Psychic garden."

PPS. Best Christmas present is being at the tail end of my cough. It's almost gone! The Korean meds did help, all 17 pills a day. I swear I will do whatever it takes to NOT get sick again as long as I am in Korea.


Blogger moolz said...

Yes, no more being sick for you!

And yes, I had that evil smirk on my face when I jumped on the decks one last time... knowing I was going to.. kill it!


12:16 PM  

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