Tuesday, December 20, 2005

High as a Kite

I am high as a type this! I finally caved in after a month of having this cough, and went to the doctor. Being a Communications major, I have it drilled into my head that pharmaceuticals are evil. And if anyone loves its pharmaceuticals it's Korea. Alas, on Saturday, my mom warned me such a longterm cough could turn into TB or pneumonia, and on Sunday I made a trip to the doctor's post haste.

Every time I go to the doctor, I have a weird new experience. This time, they put me in a room with a contraption that looked like a cross between a 1950's electroshock therapy machine / oxygen bar. The dials went from 1 to 1.5, to 2 to 2.5, to 3. I was instructed to hold a mask a few inches from my face and they walked away. Some steam came out. The nurse never came back. So I got my prescription from the front desk and left.

If anyone ever finds themselves sick in Korea, note that you can only find a doctor's prescription at the pharmacy immediately adjacent to his office. I went to three other pharmacies before I found my drugs.

But now I have them. 17 pills a day for 3 days. I feel like I'm on a soft fluffy woozy cloud.. there must be some Tylenol 3's in there.


Blogger Ryan said...

I still think you've got 'the Consumption'.

4:16 AM  

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