Friday, December 30, 2005

Shake that thang, Moolz!

Yes I'm proud of him and yes I'm gonna brag!

Moolzie was given props in Beyond Robson (the blog is linked under my Daily Reads but for some reason I missed seeing the entry till now) for his stellar Red Room set on Christmas eve, and he's just stepped out to play tonite at Richards, with Judge Jules! That's right; there's gonna be more Jules in that room than you can shake a fist at! Aaand sometime after that, he's got an interview with Rice Paper, the asian-Canadian magazine, on 'what it's like to be an asian-Canadian DJ.' I'm sure it's gonna be filled with lots of revealing insight like 'whenever I throw down a record, I just can't help but think about my asian roots, and a big bowl of rice and soy sauce.'


Blogger moolz said...

Here are some pics of the night from Judge Jules cam!


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