Thursday, February 02, 2006

Say Bong Mani Badosayo! (Happy Lunar New Year)

Hello loyal blog readership of two! Yeah, I guess nothing big enough to warrant a blog entry has happened as of late. Last weekend was Lunar New Years, though, and two interesting feats were accomplished. First, I ate bundeggi (silkworm larvae). It was actually more tasty than not, and I ate about a dozen! For the curious-minded, they didn't taste 'insecty' like other foreigners have mentioned, and I didn't notice any 'gooey bubble-gum' texture either. They simply tasted like mild nuts or tofu marinated in soy sauce.

I think they were good because everything else on the table wasn't that appetizing.

In the top left is the ultra-hot dukbulgi (you can tell by the ultra-red sauce). In the bottom right is some kind of weird egg custard jello that isn't sweet. In the middle are boiled mussels. They were okay. The other dishes were like cold seafood cakes. We also went hiking up the mountain behind my coworker's house, and did some tight-rope walking near buddha. Pics in flickr.

And the second big feat was.. *drumroll*

I learned the Korean alphabet in under 4 hours! Now I can pronounce (in a heavy Canadian accent) almost every Korean word in print! It's really quite thrilling to be able to read every sign out there. Of course, I don't understand what most of it means, but I can pick out some words. I never imagined that it would be so easy to read an asian language.

Yeah, work has been a bit of a drag the past few days. Due to the oversight of a sister school which let three teachers go without finding replacements, some deal between the educational gods (ie. various directors) has been cracked, which involves pimping me out to said sister school for three days this week. Due to aforementioned oversight, I've had to do lesson plans at my own school, then take a 45 minute cabride over to the sister school, do lesson plans there, and teach their classes. Today, my first four classes were great, but the last two were devil spawn. They made me want to break things. Instead, it is just my voice that is breaking, like a 12 year old boy's. :|

At least the weather here has been phenomenal. It's been mostly sunny (as sunny as a smoggy asian city can get), and I think it's rained a total of 4 times since I arrived! Best of all, it's been around 5-10 degrees in the daytime. No more -10 degrees. BLISS.

<3 Peace and Love, Daddios.


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