Friday, December 30, 2005

New Years Long Weekend!

This is day 2 of my 4 day weekend and it has turned out to be sooo relaxing and opulent. I'm so glad I stayed home! Yesterday I spent the whole day with my heated blanket, sketching and drawing with pen, crayon, and my new watercolour pencils and pastels! I'm uploading some of my sketches if you're wondering what those weird scribbles on my Flickr have been. Then I watched Episode 4 of Project Runway, which was at the same time hilarious (I can just picture the show's editors slapping their thighs as they manipulate the footage to make certain people look more ridiculous than they already are) and frustrating (I think the judges all have a skewed taste in fashion).

Today I actually parted ways with my heated blanket and withdrew $1000 US from the bank (Mom and Dad.. remember that question about whether I'm saving much $$ here? The answer is closer to NO) .. $700 which I took to Danny, the travel agent, to pay for my flight to Malaysia. Danny has a great view of Daegu on the 15th floor. He pointed out a bad fire in the distance: a building was burning down in Seoman market. As I looked out the window I realized just how dense the smog/pollution is, and how crap the buildings look from above... dull, Communist-apartment block style, and not that well cared for. I was moping a bit about the heinous price of travel when Brent texted me the message 'I LOVE THAILAND!!!!!!' I gave him a call and he couldn't stop talking about the good weather, the good food, the incredible shopping and how it was 10x more fun than Japan. "You know how you felt when you first came to Korea and saw the shopping?" said he. "Well, the girls I was with, they had that same look in their eyes." It's a crazed predator look, I know it well, and suddenly my faith is renewed that the Moolz and I won't be sorry about taking this trip. It's imperative to always have something fun to look forward to :D

After snagging some coffee candy and doughnuts from Paris Baguette downtown, and some bodywash and strawberry scrub from the Face Shop, I headed in the other direction to Walmart and got lots of tasty things...western food that can't be found nearby. Parmesan cheese (been going nuts with the roommates' Parmesan since he left: Parmesan with butter on toasted baguette..mmm), fried chicken, grated Mozza, chips, instant cappucino, two Toblerones and a big pack of Lotte chocolates, a bottle of Yellow Tail Merlot (thanks to Kat's blog, which has given me immense chocolate and wine cravings the past few days, especially the chocolate, after reading the website about how it's made and how it has drugs in it similar to THC.)

And now I'm back home patting my chicken/wine/chocolate-filled belly and contemplating what to sketch next.


Blogger deepthoughts said...

wow, amazing drawrings

7:50 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I had no idea they had Wal-Mart in Korea! Hey, here's a question for someone who loves shopping and lives in Korea... I've been asked to find a gift a Korean man would like, something sort of personal as a big "thank you" for a business favour. Any ideas???

8:58 AM  
Blogger s said...

Hm well I don't really know any Korean businessmen but I suspect they would LOVE a good dinner of Korean BBQ (galbi) or Korean beef stirfry (bulgogi) with some kimchee and soju. So maybe a gift cert for a nice Korean restaurant in Vancouver? Hopefully he won't see it as a request to take you on a date or something.. lol :)

8:48 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Ok, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!

9:04 PM  

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