Monday, February 06, 2006

Itinerary - SE asia

Here's the fairly finalized itinerary for our Malaysia trip, which has changed a lot since it's initial draft, so much so that it now includes a 3-day package tour to Thailand.

18 Feb Arrive in KL, stay at Regent Hotel.
19 Feb Kuala Lumpur- Ming's aunt's house
20 Feb Kuala Lumpur
21 Feb Fly to up to Phuket
22 Feb Phi Phi
23 Feb Fly Phuket back down to KL
24 Feb Kl, drive up to Penang by car-4 hr scenic drive ;)
25 Feb Penang to Alor Star (aka Alur Setar aka Ming's hometown) back down to KL by flight

Penang is the little island off the coast of Kedah, under the 'Alur Setar' script.


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