Friday, April 06, 2007

37th and Dunbar

So after that day I spent driving 600 k, I spent the next day compiling duplicate copies of 'return to sender' magazines and periodicals, ripping off the front cover, placing each cover in a new envelope, and addressing them. It's such a waste of paper. Who knew the federal gov't wasted so much paper?! I guess in the end it all gets recycled though. :/

Then, yesterday, I was sent from S. Burnaby to S. Vancouver, and from there I covered two-thirds of a route beside the UBC endowment lands. The area is SO beautiful. It seems like every house owner is an expert in gardening and I saw ponds, a buddhist garden with wind chimes and gnarled driftwood, lots of doorways and arches draped in vines like clematis and wisteria, and the smell of flowers, topsoil and mushroom manure everywhere.

The volume of mail was bordering illegal. I am quite sure I was carrying about 70 lbs on my hips, and I had to hold on to the sides of the overflowing mail bags as I stomped up and down stairs. I guess when you're well off, you belong to more organizations and have more credit card statements. I started walking at 2pm and finished at 6:30, and feel incredibly satisfied that nothing went wrong and I was done before sunset. I even knocked on one guy's door to tell him his headlights were on.

In total, tax dollars paid $80 for my cabfare yesterday. I can see why we pay such high taxes here..

Anyway, it's Friday of the long weekend, so I'm gonna go work in the garden.


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