Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Review of Infinity Dining Experience

Dine Out Vancouver is on; an event that allows you to sample a three-course meal at upscale restaurants in Vancouver. I went to two others this month (Arroy-D and La Terazza) and was relatively unimpressed (small servings, and long waits, respectively) so I won't post those reviews. But tonight, HOO boy. Tonight was a cosmic tastebud adventure. Here is my review:

Which restaurant did you choose? Infinity Dining Experience
What date? Jan 26
What time? 8:30 PM

What did you choose? Butternut Squash Fondue, complimentary foccacia bread with garlic/shallot dip

How was it? The fondue was pretty good, but I think it was pushed out of the spotlight by the garlic dip. Our whole table was obsessed with the garlic dip, which was unlike any dip I ever tried. It was so good, we even put it on our steak, prawns, potatoes and mandarin orange garnishes. The prawn appy was also amazing, and so was the mandarin orange chutney that came with it. All the appies were thoughtfully and creatively seasoned.

What did you choose? New York Steak with Blue Cheese

How was it? Very good. I'd never think of putting blue cheese on steak, but it complimented the steak very well. The chips were also delicious, fried with red onion, bacon and herbs. The flavors of all the food are unexpected and surprising. Oh also they don't skimp on the size of the steak.

What did you choose? Pear Tarte with stilton fondant & a pomegranate syrup

How as it? Again, I was expecting something boring like a mini pear pie. But I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation.. very artistic, with a flat unsweetened triangle of pastry on the bottom, and thin slices of marinated pear strewn about on top. Served with a garnish of strong aged cheese. My bf snuck a taste of cheese, not knowing what it was, and he looked like he'd been hit by a truck. Strongest cheese ever.. but when you mix the salty, more bland crust, the sweet pears, and the aged cheese together, it's a really poignant medley of flavours.

I also tried some of the Jagermeister icecream that comes with the torte. It was subtle and good. The cornbread dessert was also great, served with a dollop of smooth mascarpone cheese. Some things we tried that aren't included on the Dine-Out menu: I highly recommend trying the homemade cola and ginger cola as well. Very interesting flavors. The Darjeeling tea was a great palate cleanser at the end.

OVERALL SERVICE? Perfect. The server was very quick and efficient. There was a clear emphasis on practicality and the food, rather than show. Our appetizers came out within 5-10 minutes. (La Terazza, hope you're taking notes! ) The rooms and decor are very simple, but that didn't really matter, because the lights were low, the ambience was good, and everyone was busy being wowed by their food.

5 out of 5 stars, with a cherry on top. This is the only Dine Out Vancouver I've truly enjoyed from start to finish. (Out of the five Dine Out dinners I've been to in the past two years). Also only $25 per person. This is the perfect place for Vancouverites to go if they are tired of boring food, and want a swift kick to the palate.


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