Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lucid Dream

Ever lucid dreamt? Or had sleep paralysis? Or dreamt of the 'Old Hag?' They are all very common and if you google, you'll see that the Old Hag exists in all cultures. I think I dreamt of her because I've heard other ppl talk about such dreams, and wanted to have one myself! I had been woken up earlier, and was lying on my back, which are two common ways to ensure sleep paralysis occurs. I was awake enough to see that the room was bright, through my closed eyelids, but not awake enough to move or open my eyes.

In my dream, I was running through a huge circuit of connected buildings, looking for the 'haunted' one. I knew before I went in that I had found the right room, and as soon as I went in, there was an earsplitting, pervasive sound like standing next to a fire alarm, or a chainsaw. There were a whole bunch of action in the room.. the most chaotic, frantic movement by hundreds of thousands of beings that I couldn't see. And the 'old hag' was standing right in front of me, but to my left, in my peripheral vision. I couldn't see her face, but she was all in black and had super thick black hair piled over her shoulder.

As the chainsaw screamed and the room swirled, my arms and legs slowly raised. All this time I was conscious I was dreaming though, so I had some control over it. I said "hey, sexy" to the death hag (hahahahahhaa.. I can't believe I said that!) but she didn't react. So then I ran out of the room, and the ringing stopped, and the spirits disappeared. Then I ran in again.. two more times, and each time was just as terrifying as the first. When I woke up, I was extremely stiff and rigid, and was conscious that I had been whispering things while in my dream I had been trying to yell. And my feet were a little elevated whereas in my dream, my hands and feet were raised way up. And my room was super bright, like it had been in my dream.


Anonymous Brento said...

I had that old hag dream / sleeping paralysis thingy. Not fun!!

9:29 PM  

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