Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My best friends.

Often I'm given 'homework,' aka essays from new students to evaluate, so we can assign them the right level. I thought this grade 4 student's essay was cute, so I typed it out:

My best friend is Nour. Because she is so pretty, and always good for me or every one. Me and Nour we're always play together. and another friend too.. I have two best friend too. (I like Nour better than they...) Jessica, and Amana. they're pretty good too! we're always play together. we also play tag. that my teacher ms. wood, she always said "you guys are always play together! It's like best friends!!!"

I like yellow hair and green, blue eyes. Nour and Jessica has it. but Amana don't have it... but I like Amana very very much in the world. Because she is so pretty and so good for everone! (It's like Nour!) I always teach my best friends. That is about korea. They're like to listen about korea. When sometimes, they're sick, that they can't come to the school... also Nour is always sick... that I don't like when they're so sick. I'm so sad... TT;TT

Nour like to eat korean snack, so I give to Korean snack to Nour, Jessica, and Amana! They said "thank you ~ Sally ~ " Then I'm so happy to see they when they're smile or feeling good! ( I like my best friends! <3 ) Jessica, Amana, Nour.


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