Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Inconvenient Global Warming

Those who live under a rock, or who are not from Vancouver, might not have heard that we are having the worst weather imaginable this winter. It's been rainstorm after windstorm after snowstorm, and sometimes rainy windstorms, though I have yet to see a windy snowstorm. We don't live that close to a firewall, but all the firetruck noise has been sounding like Korea's air raid siren test (except the siren switch is jammed in the 'on' position and they can't find the right wrench to pry it loose).

Today marks the fourth day this winter I've been without work. Two of the times were due to wind, two to snow. Yesterday the power was out at the Coquitlam school. Today I drove all the way to Guildford because the school wasn't closed, but when I got there, no students showed up, and driving back was all black ice, abandoned semi's that couldn't make it up hills, firetrucks and police. In fact, one farm vehicle on Hwy 1 got in an accident, the doors opened, and the cows were wandering the highway.

Stanley Park, a forested oasis for city-dwellers, looks like 'pick-up sticks,' with fallen trees mangling fences and bridges. BC Place, a stadium with an air-supported roof, deflated during the last windstorm. One family in Vancouver is still without power from the first windstorm we had a month ago... the one that caused most of the Lower Mainland's water to become muddy with silt for days.

The snow today not only kept me from applying for a job in New West, it also kept me from working today and yesterday, and will probably keep me from working the rest of the week, as the roads are supposed to ice over in the next few days. This weather has kept me inside watching lots of interesting documentaries though. An Inconvenient Truth is very worthwhile to see, and explains why the weather is wreaking such havoc.

For example, global warming causes the atmosphere to absorb moisture faster from the deserts, but then all that moisture has nowhere to go. So dry places get drier and rainy places (Vancouver) get inundated with the heaviest rainfalls ever recorded.

I also really recommend watching The Vice Guide to Travel and Who Killed the Electric Car?, two very amazing documentaries. The former involves people going to Chernobyl to find mutant animals, to a hidden munitions town in the mountains of Pakistan where handmade guns are produced at the rate of 5000 a day and bombs made from nuclear waste can be bought on the black market. The latter is about why the first electric car, EV1, is no longer on our streets today, and how a corrupt, oil-hungry US government allegedly worked to ensure it disappeared.

Also, watch Jesus Camp, a documentary on Pentacostal church camps in the U.S. that seems to be taking advantage of young childrens' emotions and teaching them to 'go to war,' and adopt the mentality of muslim suicide bombers. Can't find the documentaries? Ask me and I'll burn copies. Or get Julian to burn copies, since he's mastered all that technology stuff or whatever kids are using these days :P


Blogger deepthoughts said...

heya, it's crazy stuff isn't it? it's not even just vancouver where the weather is going crazy. it's all over the world. are we on the edge of a self-induced apocalypse? it seems so prophetic doesn't it? humanity will destroy itself with it's own greed and selfishness.

perhaps. or maybe we'll find a way to solve our problems.

in the meantime though, i wouldn't mind copies of the vice guide to travel and the electric car flick. i'd like to see both of them. i have discs i can give you to burn em for me:)

hope to see you soon!!


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