Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lizards on the wall!

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur! On the 18th, met Moolz at the airport and took a cab to Regent Hotel, which was totally amazing. Had a view of the twin towers. My first impression of KL: "And I thought Korea was ghetto!" Theres tons of abandoned buildings and construction; they start buildings and run out of money to finish. We ordered some cheese spring rolls and chicken kababs with peanut sauce, cucumber and white carrot, for room service. Then met up with Ming and her brother Li Ern the next morning.

We walked around downtown, went to Penang market where all the fake goods are. Went to a temple, with multiple buddhist statues, kids splashing their faces with holy water, and a tortoise pond. Went to the museum and saw the bikes the Japanese army rode on to conquer Malaysia. Saw a bike race, and stood at the gate of the King's Palace. The current king is near the end of his 5 year reign. There are 14 provinces in Malaysia and the king rotates from province to province. We went for noodles at a small outdoor place that had lizards climbing all over the wall. Apparently their tails come off if you grab them, and they grow new tails. The food is the best I've ever tasted, and also the cheapest. The weather is also the bestest. I think I want to move here.

We came back to Ming's aunt and uncles' place and went swimming in the pool. Their apartment is more like a resort! It's next to a big tropical rainforest interspersed with palm trees. There may be an occasional monkey or two in it. After dinner at an outdoor patio, we came back in a tropical thunderstorm with huge pellets of rain. We watched from the balcony as the palm trees swayed in the sheets of rain below us and lightning lit up the city.

Everyone here speaks a mixture of 5 languages. They switch from language to language in mid-sentence! English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and Fokkien. Julian can talk to locals here in Cantonese. It's a heavily Muslim city too. There are hoses in the public washrooms for Muslims to wash themselves before praying. Ming said the population is 60% Muslim, 30% Chinese, 10% East Indian. People are friendly here, and really forward salespeople. Gonna go shower now and climb 200 steps to see a cave with monkeys in them.


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Hope resting is coming along well today for you hun! I'm almost gonna head to the doctor's to get things checked out UGH.


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