Sunday, April 22, 2007

Granville Island Market

BaH! Stupid Google appears to have bought stupid Blogger, just like Yahoo bought Flicker. So they make you sign in with your user ID and password from the parent site.. and then it said Safari wasn't accepting cookies, even though it is, so I had to open a new browser.. and now the format is all different. Blargh on monopolizing companies pac-manning small independent companies that are doing perfectly fine without them!

Anyway, that's not why I came here. I came here to say one of my favorite things to do with the boi is explore artisan markets, wineries and cheeseries, be they on Islands, the Interior, or the Lower Mainlaind. Today we went to Granville Island, and check out the weird assortment of things we bought:

+ A FEDORA for Moolz (that I have fun wearing and pretending to be a spy)

+ A blueberry and a strawberry rhubarb tart

+ Cured horse meat

Tomorrow I'm starting a new job. Guess what it is! That's a pretty tough challenge, considering I change careers about as often as the wind blows.


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