Friday, September 16, 2005

Silk-clad mmmonkeys!

The preschool classes all wore their cute little traditional costumes today. It's funny because when I was in Romania, it annoyed me how people didn't learn the proper Romanian words for everything. Now I'm the one who isn't bothering to learn the proper Korean words for things like 'little white rice pastries' and 'tradtional costumes.'

Regardless what the above things are really called, the outfits were impressive. The girls all had immaculate, intricately done hair. Every costume was different. On the left are Joey and Christine. I think they are a couple.. lol. I heard that all the preschoolers have girlfriends and boyfriends.. for example, the girls in Brent's Y2 class are 'dating' the boys in Ryan's 'Y4' class. Ryan always has to 'shoo' away the girls from his Y4 class before starting.

Brent's Y2 class was no problem waking up early for. They were so well behaved and smart. One little boy, Richard, even took it upon himself to hand out all the books without being asked! Then they quietly waited for 5 minutes while I went to take pictures with Y3. I left them sitting at their desks doing nothing, and when I came back they were STILL SITTING AT THEIR DESKS DOING NOTHING! Brent, I want your class. Here they are playing the 'speed writing' game:

In general, teaching's gotten a million times easier than it was 3 weeks ago. It's still very challenging sometimes, like yesterday, when I taught a class I had never taught before, one that just opened last week, with the director observing. I planned the lesson to a ' T ' and then she handed me a book I wasn't planning on teaching, and told me to teach a certain page. So, my mind racing, I made up an activity on the spot, based on the page. And it worked! It's little accomplishments like that, that give me the most satisfaction about this job.

Anyway, gonna go to bed soon, as it's destination Seoul tomorrow. Lonely Planet cautions one not to travel during Chuseok (Thanksgiving). Others have mentioned the same. EVERYONE is travelling back to their hometowns, to their grandparents, some even going to the mountains to have Chuseok dinner, so the roads/transit are going to be packed. Should be interesting!


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How are you planning to get to Seoul?

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