Sunday, August 21, 2005

1 more day

Last week I did most of my packing.. but then I unpacked most of it as I dug up clothes to wear, so now I have to pack again. Most of these last few days in Van consist of simple but numerous errands.. get vaccinations, photocopy documents, write will, fix camera, hem jeans, call msp, etc. I must thank my boi Julian for being so incredibly patient, helpful, understanding and humorous in these times of distress. Without him I'd probably have already spontaneously combusted in a big firey ball fueled by visa and tax documents. (muah!)

MSP was particulary frustrating to deal with. After 45 minutes of being on hold, the guy who answered spent so much time cracking jokes and being unabashedly flirtatious ("where are you going? if it's australia or hawaii, can I fit in your suitcase?") he didn't really answer my query about what to do if I'm gone for a year. I suspect his flippancy stems from the current resignation of his company's president (Maximus is the US-based company hired by our gov't to handle MSP) after our gov't fined them 3 times for not meeting phone wait time and document processing quotas. Hopefully I won't return to Vancouver next year to find a big stack of MSP bills at my door.

Provincial woes aside, Ryan's blog is up: In it is a brief synopsis of the wacky and supernatural way we all know each other. Basically, I knew Brent and Ryan from SFU. However, both did not know of the other's existence. One day, Ryan meets a cute girl on the bus. He informs her he's going to Europe for the summer and as they part she challenges him to find her brother, providing only his name. He accepts. Meanwhile, Brent and Ryan both go to Europe and it occurs to me their itineraries overlap a bit. I exchange their emails and suggest they meet up to travel. They end up meeting for the first time under the Eiffel Tower, eyes a-twinkle. Ryan discovers that Brent is the brother of the cute girl he met on the bus, and that he has inadvertently fulfilled the challenge (See Ryan's blog for photos) When they returned, we all hung out at the 'Parade of Lost Souls' halloween celebration on Commercial (which I really recommend seeing). Then, this Christmas, Brent galloped off to Korea, invited us, and the rest is history, and history yet to be written.


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