Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Y3 Class

This morning we took pictures of the preschool classes. This is my Y3 Class, my youngest class. I share the class with Nina on the left and Sharon in the middle (who is moving to Seoul in a few days). I teach them every morning for 50 minutes before handing them over to the Korean teachers; they're the second class of my day.

Look at Adam in the top right! Isn't he cute? We ask them what shapes they want drawn under their names.. you can see he asked for a big circle. Adam's really easygoing and never cries. That's Jenny in the bottom right. She keeps almost completely mum.. it's hard to get her to talk. The first time I got her to talk was a few days ago when I pulled out the infamous 'octopus puppet.' I think Jenny's just 'cool.' She only talks if there is something worthwhile to talk about, or participates if it's something exciting. The second from the bottom right is Joey. He's probably the smartest kid in the class. He's very well behaved too. His two front teeth are kind of tartar-covered though. I don't know if the Korean parents are lax when it comes to dental hygene. I noticed a girl in my other class, about aged 4, also had almost all silver molars. Who gets that many cavities so young?

Emma's pink and white tights kind of defeat the purpose of school uniforms methinks. Emma is quiet and not as advanced as the others. She still sucks her thumb and the past week she would cry and pretend she was sick. However, it was revealed later she was crying because she feels she is not as knowledgeable as the other kids. So we're focusing on praising her and giving her more attention.

Bottom left is Alan. He reminds me a bit of Gareth Keenan from The Office. (Alan looks a bit zombie-like sometimes). A more serious kid. Top left is Ally, and to her right, Christine. They are both very smart, VERY vocal, and in constant competition with each other to be 'teacher's pet' which sometimes bugs me. They like to cry sometimes to get attention. I think the teacher I replaced probably doted on them a lot. The boy in the top middle is Danny. His parents are in the army, and he doesn't really know the difference between right and wrong. He sometimes punches people, but he's been quite good since I've had him.

All of the kids in this class are really good to teach, and it's easy to get them laughing.

And that's Y3!


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