Wednesday, September 07, 2005

We have teh int4rnet at home!

Week two, hump day. This week is definitely going by faster than the last. However, we seem to be working 11 to 12 hour days. I get to work around 9:30 am and leave at around 8 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and around 9 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as I have four 'telephone teaching' classes those two days. Telephone teaching basically consists of calling each student's house, asking their parents in very broken Korean to summon their kid, and asking said kid 5 questions.

Today, I seem to have come down with a sore throat and low fever, which is what I usually get when my immune system decides to play games. I came home at lunch to gargle with salt water and take a Tylenol, and also take over supervision duties from Ryan, as the internet hookup guy was at our house (YAY!). It went something like this:

I walk through the gate and shut it and a voice shouts, 'hey!' Nobody's on our balcony. I walk up one stair and the voice shouts 'hey!' again. I look up and a Korean guy is above me, precariously clutching the hydro pole. Some cords appear to be going down and out the gate. I open the gate again, and go inside. Two hours later, the guy is still here. He speaks no English. We have plugged in the wireless modem but it does not power on.

Ryan tries plugging in a powerbar so that we can plug in the router. The powerbar blows up.. sparks and a bang. Smoke wafts through the room. Ryan has to go back to work so I stay. A lot of sign language takes place. I try typing out "We can get a new router. Do we need to know the IP address?' in my handy widget translater. He reads it but has no way to type back as my keyboard isn't in Korean.

A flash of insight! My Korean friend Sera is online and I madly type to her, asking if she can translate. My computer savvy friend Ross is also online, and between the two of them, there is hope! Ross tells me that the router and powerbar have blown because we needed a step-down converter for them. Suddenly, net hookup guy notices none of the lights will turn on. I assume it's just a delay.. as most of our lights take a good couple of minutes to rev their engines after you hit the switches. I point to my watch and at the lights to signify 'delay.' But alas, no power anywhere. A fuse has been blown. Crap. The guy disappears somewhere (fuse box?) and light returns. I am almost ready to call Sera, when..

The net hookup guy picks up a network cable and gestures towards our bedrooms. I point at Ryan's room and dance exaggeratedly toward it, saying 'hana!' (one) and towards mine, saying 'dul!' (two). So, three hours later, the guy stapled the network cables along the floor to our rooms, and all we need to do is go buy a new router.

And Brent said his internet hookup took 5 minutes. Pssh.


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