Wednesday, August 10, 2005

12 days left!

Only 12 days left before I move to Daegu! On the map, it's near the bottom right, spelled as 'Taegu.' I haven't packed yet, or bought a suitcase, or gotten my vaccinations, but I've been focusing more on enjoying Vancouver, Vancouver island, my family, and friends here before I leave.

My friend Ryan, who is going to be my roommate for the next year in Daegu, is already ambitiously teaching himself Korean phrases. He even spoke Korean to our travel agent when she answered the phone in Korean.

So far this is what I've heard about Daegu:

-The girls are pretty and the guys are aggressive
-It gets to 35 degrees in the summer, and feels like 40 degrees because of the humidity
-It's about the size of Vancouver

My Korean friend Sera ( who made me this really delicious 'New Years Morning' soup the other day) told me I should never drive in Korea if I can help it as the traffic is nuts. Too bad, because I was hoping to get a moped or motorcycle there. But alas, she also said the transit is air conditioned, so that's a relief.

The school I'm going to be teaching at is called Ding Ding Dang. They have numerous schools throughout Korea. I'm lucky enough to be teaching at the headquarters, thanks to my friend Brent who is currently working there, and was able to get Ryan and myself hired without a recruiter.

I can't wait to update more! Until then, ciao!


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