Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy Chu Sok

< Ally and Alan making rice cakes for ' Chu Sok ' or Korean Thanksgiving.

Just a little entry here to add some random updates. We get a long weekend in 2 days due to Thanksgiving. So it appears I shall be spending two nights up in Seoul. The DMZ may or may not be visited. I may also have been dared to streak across the border. Due to recovering from my sore throat still, I may decline, as streaking could be a bit chilly.

Brent's going to Japan with his friend Riston. He left tonight and (crap!) I just remembered that means I have to wake up early to teach his preschool class tomorrow. Ah well, tomorrow's Friday!

Had 'cheese donkus' tonight. We stole Brent's roommate Rob as dinner buddy and translator, as he knows his way around the Korean language. This enabled me to try something different beyond my limited vocab of about 4 Korean dishes. Cheese donkus is a slab of mozza cheese with a meat patty around it, deep fried. It tasted more southern US to me.


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