Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm in Korea!

Everything on this browser except for what I type is in Korean, so I'm randomly clicking things to post an entry. If this entry doesn't go through.. well, I tried.

It's hard to sum up the past 4 days in one entry. But the short of it is, the flights here were great, until flight #3 that is. Ryan's main suitcase didn't transfer to flight #2 so we were 3 minutes late for our flight from Inchon airport to Daegu. (We ran from one end of the airport to the other, pushing our carts.) So after quite a hard time navigating the airport, we managed to take a bus from Inchon up to Seoul and then take the KTX (highspeed train) from Seoul to Daegu. It was POURING rain and we were wet and exhausted when we arrived at 12 am Korea time.

The next day we had to be at the school at 1 pm to observe classes till 8. And we taught our first 40 minute class on the second day.. after a few minutes notice. Then we had a weekend.. and today is the third day at the school. I taught 8 different classes today, and Ryan taught 7. My largest class has 9 students (I think), my smallest has 4. I have two preschool classes in the morning and the afternoon ones are older. We aren't really taught how to do anything.. we just teach based on what we observed. Despite the difficulties, my students were all pretty good today. Some naughty, but overall an 8 out of 10. If they get naughty I'm actually not sure what I'll do but I'd like to find out :]

As far as home is concerned, we didn't have our home to ourselves until Saturday, when the couple we are replacing, left. Ryan also got his lost suitcase on Saturday. On Sunday we went shopping. It was the highlight of the week. We took a cab to a place nearby called E-Mart. E-Mart has three levels: the top is like Ikea with a petstore, the middle has clothes and cosmetics, and the bottom has food. We bought $100 of groceries and stuff for the house. We were going to get a fish too, and we decided to get it last. But when we returned, there was a 100 m long lineup of kids.. apparently they were giving away free fish. So maybe next time.

We don't have the internet at home yet. To get stuff like the internet, or a library card, etc, you need an 'id card' which apparently purchased at the immigration office. Our director said she'll take us Wed or Thurs so I can't forsee internet at our place for at least another week or two.

Anyway, I'm getting tired, so time to get out of this smokey PC-dong.

I miss you. And you. And you. And especially you!

Take care!


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haha..werd..i dont have to reg for this bs blogger.
must be hell w/o a computer eh

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Blogger deepthoughts said...

Yo Jocelle! We miss you too! Team chats are just not the same. Shouts out to Korea from all of us back here, workin away like little worker bees....

P.S. I started a new blog for no particular reason. It's kinda lame, but hey, whatever. You can find it here:

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