Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's Snowing in Langley!

I went to Langley tonight to visit an old friend and attend an art gallery opening. My friend Neel's friend's Helene's mother had just opened a spectacular gallery in White Rock, filled with oil paintings and sculptures. My favorite was a painting of a bright green field with a creek, and grass so long and plush, it looked like gently rolling waves on a green sea. We added dots to a painting that is going to be featured in the Guiness Book of World Records for having the highest # of participants (30,000).

A definite highlight of tonight was getting to hold a kitten, AND a baby. The baby was literally shoved in my arms no more than two minutes after I had met it's aunt, while auntie scurried off to do something. It was the most docile, well-behaved baby ever, and didn't seem to care who was holding it, as long as it had a collar or necklace to play with. The kitty was much the same. I MUST have a kitty, or a baby. Preferably both. Jules? ;)

Highlight number two was munching on smoked salmon, crackers, goat cheese and wine while writing haikus in a big book with many blank white pages. Highlight number three: partying in Club Citrus, which my industrious friend remodelled from the ground up. And the last highlight was driving from downtown Langley to North Burnaby in a beautiful snowstorm in 30 minutes flat.


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