Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Internet, meet kids. Kids, meet internet.

I thought I'd do a post to show off some of the kids I named after family and friends.

On the left is Mia, named after my new little cousin, once removed. On the right is Kathy, named after my aunt.

In the middle is Jacque, named after a Korean friend in L.A. (Terry on his left and Bradley on his right)

On the left is Jared, named after my brother. Justin, his twin, is on the right. I think they're adorable. My bro is lucky to have such a cute namesake!

Here's Ross, named after a friend back home. Ross was hoping his kid would be smart. I think he looks like he'll grow up to be a bully. :( Hope not!

Here are more faces from that 14-kid class I opened last week.

These kids I didn't name, but they were next door and my camera was hungry. Foreground is Yun Gui and behind him is Jay. Both troublemakers! In the background is Ian and on the right, Sara and Lily, all of whom are good students.

I managed to capture 3 troublemakers in one shot. Jae Ho, Yun Gui and Daniel.

Who says it's just the kids who are troublemakers? Monica and I show the kids how it's done.

Here's the view from my desk. These are the muses who inspire me daily to become a troublemaker.

PS. Sorry, Joanna, Katherine and Julian. Unfortunately, the kids I named after you decided not to keep their names. Some of them already had English names unbenownst to us, so they reverted back to their original names. I'll try again later to proliferate your names ;)


Blogger moolz said...

Oh no! There will be no mini version of me :( Well at least the kid won't have the awesomeness that is me to live up to in his name.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Kenbo said...

Hahaha, some of those kids loook CA-RAY-ZEEEE lol. Looks like you're having fun though! Remember, ure in asia and it's okay to beat kids... use it wisely, and often. ^_~

5:00 PM  

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