Friday, November 11, 2005

i've seen things i've seen them with my eyes

i've seen things they're often in disguise:

like carrots handbags cheese toilets russians planets hamsters weddings poets stalin kuala lumpur pygmies budgies...

whoohoo! i'm going to kuala lumpur in february. it will be an international conference with two of my favoritist ambassadors. moolz is coming from van, i will hop over from korea, and my friend ming ming will be hopping over from london to be our tour guide and translator.

i met ming on my europe 2002 trip and since then she's been (successfully) persuading me to come check out her hometown Alor Setar, which is north of kuala lumpur. we will also go to kuala lumpur and either head north, to phuket in thailand or south, to singapore.

moolz wants to ride an elephant. i want to see him ride an elephant.. while I lay comfortably on a white sand beach on Langkawi island.


Blogger moolz said...

That beach is pretty, white, and sandy! Are elephants beach approaching animals?

And where is the latest update?

HMmmmmm ????

2:09 PM  

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