Sunday, November 06, 2005

Halloween in Seoul

Brent and Ryan already did wonderful jobs summing up our Halloween in Seoul, which allows me to lazily link to their blogs rather than blog about it myself. However, I have chosen to do a special report on the costume that was the brunt of many jokes and much howling, as our bold and motley crew ventured out onto the Seoul streets for Halloween. With no further ado, here is.. How to make me laugh on Halloween:

Don a $30 Walmart clownsuit

Get stuck in the subway turnstile and keep a serious face as you nearly roll down the escalator:

When you notice businessmen trying to discreetly snap pics of you with their cameraphones, pose for them:

Ensure the entire subway car is watching you by just sitting and smiling:

Be the only one on the dancefloor busting moves, despite apparent rear end problems:

Thanks to Aaron for being a clown.. in a country that largely doesn't celebrate Halloween.

For more pics of our pumpkin carving get-together, Halloween in Seoul and preschool events: Click Here.

Oh right.. and as promised in the previous post, here is the pic of me in my soldier uniform:

I borrowed the uniform from Brent's Korean friend KG. What made it especially fun to wear was the fact that soldiers in these same uniforms are all over Korean streets. Every male must complete 2 years of military training at age 18, and receive a two-day training refresher every year thereafter for 10 years. So a girl in fatigues really made people scratch their heads. KG completed his two years military training, so I also had the badges, along with his Korean name, on the uniform, which caused a lots of squinting and pointing, mild shock, and amused laughter from Koreans all night. :)


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