Saturday, October 22, 2005


I Phear this may turn into a consumer whore blog. I was contemplating creating a separate blog to post about fashion and purchases, but I decided against it as that would officially up the blog quota to eight. Ironically enough, a few weeks ago I created a new blog to brainstorm business venture and career ideas. The how-to-spend money blog cannot be allowed to trump the how-to-make money blog, dagnabbit! And anyway, I do love fashion and shopping, so I might as well post about it here, otherwise I may never post here again if I am too busy posting in my other 7 blogs.

Today we went to Seoman market, a local outdoor market downtown that spans many blocks, and sells everything.. puppies, chunks of beehives complete with bees, stretched out dried medicinal frogs, clothing, bedding, deep fried food and hotas (delicious folded pancake with brown sugar and nuts inside). We also went to Lotte Department store.

I bought:

Rock candy

Lancome Juicy Tube in Peche!!!

MAC blot powder in 'medium'

And a glock bb gun (with bullets):

Why a glock, you may ask? It is to be a part of my 'Korean Military Service' Halloween costume! Pics to be posted later! :D


Blogger deepthoughts said...

Yowzer! You look dangerous with that gun girl!

I watched the movie GIA last nite. It was sad, but the chick kicked ass. She was tough. My favorite part is where she goes into this modeling agency where she has an appt and she looks like a homeless punk kid and the receptionist is mean to her so she carves her name into the desk with her knife that she carries every where. Rad. Oh, and she's Angelina Jolie, which is perfect. Anyway, that was totally random but I'm happily killing time at work. ttyl!


9:09 AM  
Blogger deepthoughts said...

Oh also, I think you should combine your love for fashion and shopping with your desire to run a business. Match made in heaven I tells ya.

7:44 PM  
Blogger s said...

Yeah I was thinking that! At first I was thinking of piecing together sections of different clothing to make hybrid clothing.. and now perhaps importing Asian clothing to Canada.. beyond that I'm still brainstorming.. any ideas? :D

10:40 AM  
Anonymous David said...

your blog is really good. its good to read a korea blog that doesn't start with 'korean sucks because...' or 'i hate this place so much...'

i like the pictures also.

how long have you been in korea for? and why does everyone have one of those bb guns except me!?

12:17 AM  

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