Friday, September 30, 2005

Long Weekend #2

It's Friday again. The days are going by faster now, like how they went by at eBay. It seems like it was just Friday. Every day feels like Friday.. perhaps because I focus on getting to that day and only that day. It's a long weekend again. We're going to Andong. Meeting our Seoul friends for a mask festival. This is one of the best maps of Korea I've found. You can see Daegu in the bottom right. Follow the light blue train line North and a bit West. There's Andong. You can see Busan in the bottom right coast. That's where Brent and Ryan are going for the film festival next week. I was going to go but now I may not, as all the good films are sold out.

Dooce's entry today was particularly moving.

I went to the doctor today, a different one, who spoke English. He started hitting on me and in the process gave me his homepage address . His photography's not half bad. I still didn't get the drug I want. It's called dextromethrophan and it's in every major cough syrup in Canada. It turns off the cough centre in your brain. He gave me a prescription for dextromethrophan pills after some persuading, but I can't find a pharmacy that has them.

Time to go for all you can eat galbi. Anneyongi Kyeseo. (I still can't say goodbye in Korean.. such a mouthful).


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