Friday, November 10, 2006

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I'm a blithering sentimentalist and here's a post I made tonite on Dave's ESL cafe:

I miss Korea too. I was just bitching and whining tonite about missing it, with my friend who got back from 2.5 yrs in Japan.. the nightlife, the cheap entertainment, the social life.. just sitting on the street drinking and chatting, the cool arcade/dvd places, etc.

Luckily I teach at a Korean school here so I get to hear the language, keep my basic phrases fresh, reminisce about Korea with ppl who actually know about it, and be secretly smug to see that THEY are now the 'weigooks' and I am not.

PS. I also miss the sketchy yogwans!!!! And adventures like the evil, sketchy ajumma who tried to kick our asses when we tried to fit 4 ppl in a 1-bedroom 1-closet room! I miss going to Pusan and being drenched all weekend by horizontally raining monsoon! I miss hailing a cab on any block and having them fall over each other trying to get your business! I miss dragging overly inebriated friends home as they make fools of themselves. I miss how all the cab drivers were so naively interested in foreigners, asking the same questions over and over.. (are you married?!). I miss just walking around an uber-bustling downtown, getting lost in a big crowd, and absorbing the stimuli.. I miss trivia nights and how dumb they made me feel, and all the awesome local talent that would perform at thunderbird, communes, ol 55, and the monk jazz club. I miss yanking the kids' chains and telling ridiculous fictitious stories, using their names as characters till they were bawling with laughter. I miss having all the extra work piled on me at my hogwan, because it made me feel needed and productive. I miss all the drama.. hearing the horrific hogwan stories, but seeing ppl overcome it and growing wiser.. I miss living on a bustling, active street where I knew all the shopowners.. I don't miss the incessant noise though. I miss dancing till daylight and walking home on Sunday mornings when the streets were misty and quiet enough to hear the birds, crickets and light rain. I miss being able to jump on the KTX and head to Seoul or Daegu at the drop of a hat. I miss the feisty ajummas who nearly plow over you on their mopeds, and push you aside to walk past you. I really miss Mijung, the best galbi place in Korea, located at Manchon Negori. I miss the commute to school, which was a 30 second jog. I miss the satisfaction of speaking rudimentary Korean and actually being understood well enough to feel confident going anywhere myself..

Ahhhhhh life. The grass is so green on the other side! PS. I'm not drunk. :P


Anonymous Gino said...

Come back!

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Brento said...

Yep, you're missing out! And just to let ya know, Seoul is 10 times better than Daegu.

I'm always here to tempt you over to the dark side... woo hahaha. ;)

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss your "I ate Kimchi" postings.

Korean Reader

6:23 PM  
Blogger s said...

I miss my 'I ate kimchi' postings too. :(

In fact, I haven't had kimchi, galbi or bulgogi once since coming back....

2:51 AM  

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