Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cuteness and not so cute.

Check out my cute new student! Just kidding. Who he be? He be cuteness personified! Here's a story to go with the pic:

Moolz grew up with his grandma, who doesn't speak English. So he learned Cantonese before he learned English. On the first day of kindergarten, he didn't know what the heck anyone was saying, so he got up and walked home. That's Moolz.. taking no BS, since kindergarten!

Last night, I found this on the wall by my bed.

I put my heroic roommate to work catching it. They have this uncanny feature whereby they let a few legs fall off when you try and catch them. The legs wiggle wildly on their own to distract you from harming the centipede. I didn't see, but Brent said the legs were sticking on my wall, wiggling more than he's ever seen legs wiggle. :( Needless to say I didn't sleep much last night.

PS. Goat farm ideas postponed till I'm a rich middleager. I think I will start fashion design!


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