Friday, November 03, 2006

Goodbye Halloween, Hello Christmas!

To be completely blunt and honest, things are going very boringly here. The highlights of my weeks are going out to eat, or going out to walk around lakes with Moolz. I've taught one Korean class that inspired me with the same enthusiasm I possessed when teaching classes in Korea. It was a substitute class with 5 energetic kids; one that forced me to answer questions non-stop and wow them with entertaining stories. The rest of my classes are much more boring, consisting of 1 or 2 students.

I've completely lost whatever vision I had for sewing. I have a whole bunch of sewing books sitting on my floor, some almost-finished pants, and a machine on my window ledge. However, without any ambition or idea in my mind of an end goal, sewing just seems laborious and overly intricate.

To continue to occupy my time, I've been busying myself with learning Cantonese via an audio/book course from the public library, and to continue searching the joblists for that perfect, non-existent, high-paying, possibly-but-not-necessarily-career-oriented, hopefully-non-customer-service job. I've even been considering going back to the dreaded eBay until I decide what I want to do, but eBay made me go loopy and hightail it to Korea, so I might as well save myself some trouble, skip the eBay part, and hightail it back to Asia right away. Which I'm trying to avoid doing, since the plan is to settle down in Vancouver and actually make a living in my own country, rather than somebody else's country! On the plus side, things are going swimmingly at the Moolz household. It's SO good to be back, and to see my boy everyday!

Now that I've completely bored you with my trite career mournings, here are some cool pics from the Parade of Lost Souls, which maintained its stellar reputation for having the most amazing costumes. Some of the coolest ones I didn't get pics of.. such as a giant tree spirit from Princess Mononoke.

Here is a group shot of us, minus Pirate Richard, who was buying falafel (my costume is "Recycle Queen"):

A bunch of ninjas, who kept completely in character, running around simultaneously and crouching behind things:

And a very cute lion and Towelly from South Park:

The rest of the pics are on my flickr, as usual.


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you might actually like these jobs shibij:

an FOAF kinda thing.

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