Friday, October 06, 2006

Fry that Chicken.

"I got a pan, I got a plan. I'm gonna fry this chicken in my hand!"

A number of things have been occupying my time lately, preventing frequent blog updates. First, I decided I needed a car, so I spent the past month eating, breathing, sleeping cars, and learning some interesting things about the car hunting process. Most important thing I learned is to always check out the car's VIN # on CARFAX.

The first car I looked at ran great, and I was going to return the next day to get it, but then I saw it had been reported stolen on CARFAX. The second interesting thing I learned is that age and mileage aren't nearly as important as make and model. If it's a reliable car, it can be 20 years older and have fewer problems then a brand new crappy car.

Anyway, thanks to my brother, who has taken apart and rebuilt many cars and was happy to provide some much-needed expertise, I ended up with a '93 Volvo 850 GLT. It's fully loaded, with leather heated seats and power everything, which is ridiculously awesome, considering I was going to get a '97 Honda Civic, base model, for twice as much cash.

Next, I started working at.... drumroll.... a Korean school, teaching English! The pros are good, intelligent students who are at a much higher level of English than the ones I taught in Korea. The cons are, it's only part-time, and a 45 minute commute by car (formerly an hour and a half by bus). So I'm still looking for fulltime work. Or at least another part-time job.

Third, I started sewing class last night! We're making pants from a McCall's pattern. I'm using a cranberry-coloured tweed. So far, we've cut out the fronts and backs, and are in the process of stitching the inside and outside seams together. Our teacher is this old lady with coke-bottle glasses who cancelled last week's class and showed up half an hour late for this week's class. So I'm not really impressed with that, but at least she's a pretty good teacher. Plus the class size is relatively small, the facilities are nice and it totally reminds me of grade 8 home-ec.

Fourth, a bunch of us went to Bodyworld's 3 last weekend, which is an exhibition showcasing dozens of preserved human bodies. They are preserved using a new process called 'plastination.' Photography wasn't allowed, but a friend managed to snap a few shots anyway. Below is a man doing the splits, and holding all his internal organs in one hand. I don't know how they managed to balance, let alone transport the bodies.

And this is a body sporadically dissected to show the density and compactness of the human body. Pretty grotesque eh?

There is also a smoker's vs. non-smoker's lung that would convince anyone not to start smoking, and a head-to-toe cross section of a 300 lb overweight body. The exhibition will remain in Vancouver till November.


Blogger Michelle said...

Cool car! If you need sewing tools (fancy rulers and stuff) you are still welcome to borrow mine, I'm not using them as I don't have the time or space to do so. I want to see that bodyworlds thing too.

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