Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July Ho Hum Diddly Dum

I have a decision to make. Go back to working at the greenhouse part time in Sept, and also teach? Or just teach? I just found out today that there will be a lot of teaching hours available nearby me in Sept. And I've saved so much gas this summer not having to commute to Aldergrove. I was always so tired and hot and sweaty having to go from greenhouse to teaching.

On the other hand I learned so much at the greenhouse. I wouldn't have known what lobelia, bacopa, potato vine, or lysomachia were, or the numerous ways to treat aphids, or how to plant a hanging basket. Maybe I should work there two days a week to keep my knowledge up? I really do learn best by doing, rather than reading books.

Teaching English doesn't educate me as much, but I earn 2.5 times as much money doing something twice as easy, and I could spend the extra time saved by reading books about landscape design and gardening. Then I could send myself to school later....

I still have a month to hum and haw.

July is being a bitch. It rained this weekend and hiking plans were thwarted. It feels like summer never really came. And it's already half over. Two measly months of the year, and one of them is gone already. On a lighter note, BC roadtrip and another annual surfing trip to Tofino is in the cards. It'll be my fourth summer in a row going to Tofino! Can't wait.

Other things that are new that nobody wants to hear about: The washing machine is clogged. Lady is shedding a lot. Everything in my garden is producing fruit and veggies like they should. The aphids are pretty much non-existant. Even the strawberries are starting to grow again. Julian's back from training in Cupertino, California. So far he likes his new job at Apple. And he's turning 30 this weekend. And we're gonna go see Daft Punk in Seattle! Yes indeed, we are.