Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dae Han Min Geuk!

The world cup in Korea has proven to be a very educational experience!

So far, here are the players whom I know about:

Back row, second from left: Ahn Jung Hwan. Handsome, has crazy perm hair, married to former Ms. Korea, scored the second goal against Togo.

Front row, left: Park Ji Sung: The favorite of most of my students. Born 1981, hails from Suwon, south of Seoul.

Front row, second from left: Li Chun Soo: Has a big mouth and dramatic past; also has crazy hair (usually a bright colour). Scored the first goal against Togo.

We ended up going to Beomeo Negori (closed off intersection) to watch the game on large screens. Seeing the nationalism of Korea all condensed in one spot brought a tear to the eye and sprinkling of goosebumps to the arms. A giant sea of lit red horns.. it looked like Asian hell! Despite the fact that several thousand people were crammed into an intersection, everyone sat down politely, sharing their mats.

It's amazing to see how united a nation can be, thanks to a shared hard past, appearance, culture and goals. Canada's multiculturalism is one of it's best traits, but the tradeoff is that it's cultural diversity will never allow it to unite in the same way as Korea for any national event.

Anyway, here are a few vids I took:

Chanting Dae Ha Min Gook! (Go Republic of Korea)
Fireworks at the end of the Game

And some pics..

Sea of red horns..

Baby devil

Korea Won! Some people in front of us shook up a whole case of beer, bottle by bottle, and sprayed it on the crowd..

Showing devilish spirit..

Some crazy fans..

We remained crazy right up until we were apprehended and carted away for civil disobedience..

Discussing soccer with my classes is now one of my favorite pastimes.. their ears perk up and their eyes become shiny. I think my preschool class is the most hardcore.. when the Korean teacher was gone, I threw away the lesson plan and took a survey.. about 7 out of 9 students went to Beomeo Negori! They're only 5 & 6 years old, barely speak any English, but they know enough to discuss favorite players. Asah!



Blogger moolz said...

Park Ji Sung plays for Manchester United which probs is why he's one of the favourite players of the kids. That's big time success for any player.

As for Canadian nationalism on display, I can recollect watching the gold medal hockey game 2002 and after Canada won, the city was just full of celebration I had never seen.

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